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Nursing Abbreviations

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Abbreviations Meaning
aa Of each, equal parts
ABR Absolute bed rest
Abd. Abdomen
ac Before meals
AD Admitting diagnosis
A&D Admission and discharge
Ad lib As desired, if the patient so desired
ADL Activities of daily living
Adm. Admission
Ad. Spec. Admission urine specimen
A.M. or a.m., AM or am Morning
amb Ambulation, walking, ambulatory,
able to walk
amt. Amount
AP or A.P. Appendectomy
aqua Water or H2O
@ At
Approx. Approximately
B&B or b&b Bowel and bladder training
bid or B.I.D. or b.i.d. Twice a day
b.m. or B.M. Bowel movement, feces
B.P. or BP Blood pressure
BR or br or B.R. or b.r. Bedrest
BRP or B.R.P. or brp Bathroom priviledges
BSC or bsc Bedside commode
°C Celsius degree (or centigrade)
? With
Ca Cancer
Cath. Catheter
CBC or C.B.C. Complete blood count
cc or c.c Cubic centimeter
CCU or C.C.U Cardiac care unit/ coronary care unit
CBR or C.B.R. or cbr Complete bed rest
C/O or c/o Complaint of
CO2 Carbon dioxide
CS or C.S. or c.s Central supply
CSD or csd or C.S.D Central service department
CSR or csr and C.S.R Central supply room
CVA or C.V.A Cerebrovascular accident or stroke
CPR or C.P.R Cardiopulmonary resuscitation
dc or d/c Discontinue
del. M. Or d.r., or DR Delivery room
Disch or dish or D/C Discharge
D. % C. or D&C Dilatation and curettage
drsg. Dressing
DOA or D.O.A Dead on arrival
Dr. or Dr Doctor
DX Diagnosis
ECG or EKG Electrocardiogram
ED or E.D. Emergency department
EEG or E.E.G. Electroencephalogram
EENT or E.E.N.T. Eye, ears, nose and throat
E. or E Enema
ER or E.R. Emergency room
°F Fahrenheit degree
F. or Fe. or F or Fe Female
FBS or F.B.S Fasting blood sugar
FF or F.F. Forced feeding or forced fluids
ft Foot
Fx Fracture
Fx urine Fractional urine
gal Gallon
GI or G.I. Gastrointestinal
gt One drop
gtt Two or more drops
Gtt or G.T.T. Glucose tolerance test
GU or G.U Genitourinary
Gyn. or G.Y.N. Gynecology
H2O Water or aqua
HOB Head of bed
hr Hour
HS or hs Bedtime or hour of sleep
ht Height
hyper Above or high
hypo Below or low
H.W.B. or hwb or HWB Hot water bottle
ICU or I.C.U. Intensive care unit
I&O or I.&O. Intake and output
Irr Irregular
Isol. Or isol Isolation
IV or I.V. Intravenous
L Liter
Lab. or lab Laboratory
lb Pound
LVN or L.V.N Licensed vocational nurse
M Male
Mat Maternity
MD or M.D. Medical doctor
Meas Measure
mec Meconium
med Medicine
min Minute
ml Milliliter
Mn or mn or M/n Midnight
N.A. or N/A Nursing aide or nursing assistant
n/g tube or ng. tube or N.G.T. Nasogastric tube
noct At night
NP Neuropsychiatric or nursing procedure
NPO or N.P.O Nothing by mouth
nsy Nursery
O2 Oxygen
OB or O.B. Obstetrics
Obt or obt. Obtained
OJ or O.J. Orange juice
Orb. Orderly
OOB or O.O.B. Out of bed
OPD or O.P.D. Outpatient department
OR or O.R. Operating room
Ortho Orthopedics
OT or O.T Occupational therapy or oral temperature
oz. Ounce
PAR or P.A.R. Postanesthesia room
Pc After meals
Ped or Peds Pediatrics
Per by, through
p.m. or P.M., pm or PM Afternoon
PMC or P.M.C Postmortem care
PN or P.N. Pneumonia
po By mouth
post or p after
postop or post op Postoperative
post op spec After surgery urine specimen
PP Postpartum (after delivery)
PPBS Postprandial blood sugar
pre Before
prn or p.r.n. Whenever necessary, when required
preop or pre op Before surgery
pre op spec Urine specimen before surgery
prep Prepare the patient for surgery by shaving the skin.
Pt or pt Patient; pint
PT or P.T. Physical therapy
q Every
qd Every day
qh Every hour
q2h Every 2 hours
q3h Every 3 hours
q4h Every 4 hours
QHS or qhs Every night at bed time/ hour of sleep
qid or Q.I.D. Four times a day
qam or q am or q.a.m. Every morning
qod or Q.O.D Every other day
qs Quantity sufficient, as much as required
qt quart
r or R rectal or Rectal
Rm or rm Room
RN or R.N. Registered nurse
Rom or R.O.M. Range of motion
RR or R Rm. Recovery room
Rx Prescription or treatment ordered by a physician
s or ? Without
S&A Sugar and acetone
S&A test or S.& A. test Sugar and acetone test
S&K or S.& K. test Sugar and ketone test
SOB Shortness of breath
sos Whenever emergency arises; only if necessary
SPD Special purchasing department
Spec or spec. Specimen
ss or ?? One-half
SSE or S.S.E. Soapsuds enema
Stat At once, immediately
STD Sexually transmitted disease
Surg Surgery
tid or T.I.D. Three times a day
TLC or tlc Tender loving care
TPR Temperature, pulse, respiration
TWE Tap water enema
U/a or U/A or u/a Urinalysis
Ung. Ointment, unguentine
VDRL Test for syphilis
V.S or VS Vital signs
WBC or W.B.C. White blood count
w/c Wheel chair
wc or W.C. Ward clerk
wt Weight