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Hand Washing Technique

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Purpose of Hand Washing Technique
  1. To avoid infection
  2. For cleanliness
  3. As an example to patents.

Solutions Common Used for Hand Washing

  1. Lysol or Cresol solution P/a and 2%
  2. Diphen solution ¼% to ½ Gb.
  3. Bichloride of Mercury 1:10000
  4. Zephiran Cloride 1:10,000
  5. Rocall solution 800 parts per milliliter (3 0cc. of Rocall per gallon of water)

Method A

  • Running water (foot or knee control of faucet preferable)
  • Sink
  • Soap in soap dish
  • Hand towel (paper towel preferable)
  • Waste container

Procedure for Hand Washing

  1. Stand well away from the sink and let water run.
  2. Moisten hands, apply soap and with enough friction. Sect a good father. Pay particular attention to surface between the fingers, around and under the nails.
  3. Rinse well
  4. Repeat #2 & 3
  5. Dry hands thoroughly
  6. Use hand lotion if necessary.

Method B

  • Wash stand
  • Sink
  • Hand towel
  • 2 basins
  • Waste container
  • Toilet soap in soap dish
  • Running water or faucet
  • Nail file

Procedure for Hand Washing

  1. Make the hand solution for the two basins. (Any of the solutions in #11).
  2. Soak both hands in Solution 1 for 1 to 3 minutes.
  3. Scrub both hands with soap and water using hand brush. Use nail file p.r.n. Scrub for 1 to 3 minutes. (For communicable diseases 5 minutes).
  4. Soak both hands in Solution II.
  5. Rinse hands well.
  6. Wipe to dry.
  7. Alcohol is used after handling infections cases.

When to Wash Hands

  1. Before and after meals.
  2. Before leaving the ward.
  3. Before handling clean articles.
  4. After handling contaminated things.
  5. After using the toilet.
  6. Before commencing a procedure.