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Fatigue — Diabetes Mellitus

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Diabetes Mellitus Nursing Care Plans

Nursing Diagnosis:  Fatigue
May be related to
  • Decreased metabolic energy production
  • Altered body chemistry: insufficient insulin
  • Increased energy demands: hypermetabolic state/infection
Possibly evidenced by
  • Overwhelming lack of energy, inability to maintain usual routines, decreased performance, accident-prone
  • Impaired ability to concentrate, listlessness, disinterest in surroundings
Desired Outcomes
  • Verbalize increase in energy level.
  • Display improved ability to participate in desired activities.
Nursing Interventions Rationale
 Discuss with patient the need for activity. Plan schedule with patient and identify activities that lead to fatigue.  Education may provide motivation to increase activity level even though patient may feel too weak initially.
Alternate activity with periods of rest/uninterrupted sleep.  Prevents excessive fatigue.
Monitor pulse, respiratory rate, and BP before/after activity.  Indicates physiological levels of tolerance.
 Discuss ways of conserving energy while bathing, transferring, and so on.  Patient will be able to accomplish more with a decreased expenditure of energy.
 Increase patient participation in ADLs as tolerated.  Increases confidence level/self-esteem and tolerance level.