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Disturbed Body Image – Dermatitis

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Disturbed Body Image – Dermatitis Nursing Care Plans

Common Related Factor Defining Characteristics
Visible skin lesions Verbalizes feelings about change in body appearance Verbalizes negative feelings about skin condition Fear of rejection or reactions of others
Common Expected Outcome Patient verbalizes feeling about lesions and continues daily activities and social interactions. NOC Outcome Body Image NIC InterventionBody Image Enhancement

Ongoing Assessment

Actions/Interventions Rationale
Assess the patient’s perception of changed appearance. The nurse needs to understand the patient’s attitude about visible changes in the appearance of the skin that occur with dermatitis.
Assess the patient’s behavior related to appearance. Patients with body image issues may try to hide or camouflage their lesions. Their socialization may decrease based on anxiety or fear about the reactions of others.

Therapeutic Interventions

Actions/Interventions Rationale
Assist the patient in articulating responses to questions from others regarding lesions and contagion. Patients may need guidance in determining what to say to people who comment about the appearance of their skin. Dermatitis is not a contagious skin condition.
Allow patients to verbalize feelings regarding their skin condition. Through talking, the patient can be guided to separate physical appearance from feelings of personal worth.
Assist patients in identifying ways to enhance their appearance. Clothing, cosmetics, and accessories may direct attention away from the skin lesions. The patient may need help in selecting methods that do not aggravate the skin lesions.