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Top 20 Reasons you Should be Using Facebook in your Classroom

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 Facebook is one of the hottest mediums that students use to communicate with each other. On Facebook students can upload files, pictures and videos, play games, meet people of similar interests and conduct research on just about any subject area. Because students spend so much time on Facebook, online education providers have created several methods of reaching these students in their comfort zone. This has created several reasons for instructors to use Facebook as teaching aid and within their classroom.
 1. Connect with Students in their Zone:

Facebook allows instructors to connect with their students in a medium they understand and are comfortable with.

2. Post Online Lectures:

Professors can easily post pre-recorded lectures on their Facebook page or on specialized group pages that are set up for their classes.

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3. Create Interest Groups:

Online instructors can use Facebook.com to create groups where they can easily place students of similar interest and capabilities.

4. Zoho Office:

This virtual word processing application allows users to process Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents while still in Facebook. This can be used to enhance the classroom environment while still on Facebook.

5. Access Online Libraries:

Instructors can access thousands of online libraries via Facebook’s LibGuide application. From this they can view limitless resources beneficial to their class.

6. Access to other Cultures:

With Facebook instructors can expose their students to the cultures of other Facebook users. This tool is great with topics such as international affairs and international language.

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7. Keep up with Political Views:

This Facebook application allows instructors to keep their class up to date with various political views and opinions.

8. Create Applications for Facebook:

Instructors can easily bring fun into their classroom by allowing students to create new educational games and applications that can be used in the classroom.

9. Post Class Notes:

Many students always need to recheck their notes against those of their instructors to ensure they have understood the concepts. On Facebook instructors can easily post their notes where students can access them.

10. Make Announcements:

Instructors can easily make announcements about class events by using a medium that all the students are comfortable using.

11. Schedule Events:

The calendar feature of Facebook allows instructors to easily create calendar events. All members of the class will then be reminded constantly about upcoming events.

12. Brainstorm:

Instructors can use brainstorm feature of Facebook to pick the brains of their pupils by posting provocative and interesting projects for their students.

13. Promoting Collaboration:

This allows instructors to promote cohesiveness among students. This can be achieved by asking students to create their own forum groups based on their own personal interest.

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14. Post Professional Information:

Instructors can post information about themselves, what is required of their students and the grading system they employ during their course. This information can then be accessed by other applications such as Campus Buddy.

15. Mathematical Formulas:

This Facebook application can be used to assist instructors to solve difficult mathematical problems. This will save time and introduce students to the use of technology in education.

16. Share Files:

A Facebook application such as file share, allows both students and their instructors to share files on various schoolwork information. The application can accommodate many file formats and is easily accessible via Facebook.

17. Career Guidance:

Instructors can use Facebook to expose their students to the various standards established by various organizations. They can also seek employment opportunities through Facebook as more employers are accepting the popularity of Facebook and are embracing it as a recruitment tool.

18. Networking:

Through networking, instructors can track the movements of many of their peers and professionals. They can easily invite these individuals into their classrooms through Facebook’s live chat so they can give students firsthand information about their career development.

19. Tag Books:

With this Facebook application, instructors can easily tag book for student reading. The application also automatically generates quiz questions about the book that the instructor then uses in class.

20. Homework Help:

By introducing students to this Facebook application, instructors will provide invaluable help to students by fostering understanding of difficult concepts.