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Image Courtesy: http://www.promkes.depkes.go.id

Although this blog is UNOFFICIALLY PUBLISHED, but all contents are updated and regularly controlled under the supervision of Universitas Klabat Nursing Department officers, faculties and staffs. Therefore, all published articles are under the responsibility of the author himself, without any blaming for the institution.

If you have any queries, or even critics, you are very welcome to contact us through:



or kindly leave your comments below the targeted post to be reviewed

Notes: all comments should be post in the polite and positive view point and avoid violence to discrimination and moral ethics. 

For teachers, students as well as our beloved alumni are very welcome to send their posts and reports to be published in this blog through the email address:



Image Courtesy: http://serc.carleton.edu

Writer Code of Conducts and Rules: 

  1. MUST avoid PLAGIARISM, by giving reference from the source you are cited from
  2. NO DISCRIMINATION to the subjects of Ethnicity, Race and Religion
  3. All Writer/Reporter should be responsible for his own writing
  4. All posts  should be hand in hand in to support the objectives of this blog: sharing knowledge
  5. All Posts must be related to nursing or health science issues or fit to one of the categories on the right sidebar
  6. All Posts sent to the address above are not assured to be directly published, otherwise they will be screened, selected and reviewed before published.

All the best,


Only Positive Comments Please...

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