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Blog Objectives


This is an UN-OFFICIAL Blog, established to provide information and knowledge in the area of nursing and health sciences  for Universitas Klabat nursing students, faculties and all colleagues,  that usually discussed and highlighted during their academic years.

Observed the utilization of advanced  technology in all aspects of human daily business  including Higher Education, we find for the opportunity using this high technology in  sharpening our professional career.In using advanced media such this, we expect our students to keep learning not limited by time and place  even after the formal graduation, since all Unklab Nursing family value and believe in LONGLIFE LEARNING.

Moreover, we also welcome anyone to know more about health issues that we share as well as longing for good inputs and ideas  in the proportion of developing excellent achievement in our academic process.

Although this  is UN-OFFICIALLY PUBLISHED, all contents are updated and regularly controlled under the supervision of Universitas Klabat Nursing Department officers (Administrator), faculties and staffs . Therefore, all published articles are under the responsibility of the author himself, without any blaming for the institution.

With humble we are expecting your wisdom and understanding while USING ENGLISH, NOT TO BE PROUD of our motto as BILINGUAL CAMPUS, instead this just to EMPOWER ALL STUDENTS & FACULTIES  using English as their medium instruction in academic process as Unklab expected.

If you have any queries or even critics, you are very welcome to contact us by:


prodiperawatunklab@yahoo.com …. or 

kindly leave your comments below the targeted post to be reviewed

Notes: all comments should be post in the polite and positive view point and avoid violence to discrimination and moral ethics. 

For teachers, students as well as our beloved alumni are very welcome to send their post and reports to be published in this blog through the email address:


Finally, enjoy reading with respect and value of excellent higher education….



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