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Top 20 Reasons you Should be Using Facebook in your Classroom

 Facebook is one of the hottest mediums that students use to communicate with each other. On Facebook students can upload files, pictures and videos, play games, meet people of similar interests and conduct research on just about any subject area. Because students spend so much time on Facebook, online education providers have created several methods of reaching these students in their comfort zone. This has created several reasons for instructors to use Facebook as teaching aid and within their classroom.
 1. Connect with Students in their Zone:

Facebook allows instructors to connect with their students in a medium they understand and are comfortable with.

2. Post Online Lectures:

Professors can easily post pre-recorded lectures on their Facebook page or on specialized group pages that are set up for their classes.

25 Education Technology Google+ Accounts To Check Out

Google has no shortage of great education technology resources, including Google Apps for Education, so it’s no surprise that tech-minded educators and professionals have flocked to Google+. News sites, technology directors, researchers, and more all have something to say about educational technology on the social media site. Check out our list to find 25 great edtech accounts on Google+ and learn more about what others are doing in educational technology today.

education technology google plus (more…)

100 Ways To Use Facebook In Your Classroom

Ref: http://edudemic.com

Facebook cannot be ignored. So it’s surprising th:at we don’t talk about it more on Edudemic and other edtech sites, right? It has a sort of stigma that it’s not for educational purposes. All that’s about to change thanks to these 100 ways you can use Facebook in your classroom to actually learn!

Resources on Facebook

Facebook is so much more than vapid status updates. You can find resources for research, connect with local (and international) public figures, and find out what’s new and interesting in museums. (more…)

Basic-Advanced Nursing Skills Videos

Find useful learning videos on nursing skills and related lectured from Southern Adventist University, USA

Southern Adventist University

Selected Nursing Skills Videos on Youtube 

Selected Nursing Videos

Find and study online from John Hopkins School of Nursing (SON) Portfolios…Simply click on the link below…enjoy

Clinical Interviews Videos

Evidences Based Practice Videos 

Nutrition Videos

Child and Maternal Health Video

Find and study online from John Hopkins School of Nursing (SON) Portfolios…Simply click on the link below…enjoy

Child Health Video 

Maternity Health Video 

Adult Health Video

Find and study online from John Hopkins School of Nursing (SON) Portfolios…Simply click on the link below…enjoy

Nursing for Adult Health