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Daftar Klat lagu yang “HARUS” semua member punya untuk semester II 2012/2013;

  • -The Lord is my shepherd (Baru)
  • -I Couldn’t hear nobody pray (Baru)
  • -Pater Noster (Baru)
  • -Kasih-Mu tiada duanya (Baru)
  • -You are my hiding place
  • -The new 23rd
  • -God and God alone
  • -I’m Gonna sing
  • -Hati S’bagai hamba
  • -Each one reach one
  • -Trust His Heart
  • -Count your blessing
  • -This is the day
  • -Ia Berkuasa (He)
  • -Nyanyikan nyanyian baru bagi Tuhan
  • -Little David, Play on your harp
  • -Mars Kopertis wilayah IX
  • -Mars Unklab

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